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Safina Gadeock awarded HRC Emerging Researcher Award

Congratulations to Dr. Safina Gadeock, who was one of the 13 researchers awarded the HRC Emerging Researcher, 2024 for her study on "Interferon-alpha targets as prognostic biomarkers for IBD patients". She aims to validate an innovative Type I Interferon (immunomodulatory molecules) biomarker panel to predict response to anti-TNFs in a cohort of NZ and US IBD patients; and elucidate the mechanism(s) driving Type I Interferon-dependent regenerative responses and epithelial barrier integrity in responsive IBD patients. This study will steer the development of an innovative biomarker panel that will help gastroenterologists tailor therapy for the approximately 50 per cent of non-responsive IBD patients.


Andy Highton awarded Kia Niwha Leader Fellowship

Congratulations to Gut Health Network member, Andy Highton, who was awarded a Kia Niwha Leader Fellowship


Gut bacteria break down cholesterol

In a new study, researchers found that gut bacteria can break down cholesterol. They identified  bacteria in the human gut that have an enzyme that can convert cholesterol into a form that isn't absorbed by the body. The study supports previous work indicating a link between bacterial enzymes that can modify cholesterol. This research could potentially be used to develop probiotic-type treatments to replace or support traditional treatments for managing cholesterol, like statins.

For a summary of the research, click here

For the whole research paper, click here

Blog image credit:  Susanna Hamilton, Broad Communications

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